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Mailbag: Investing Time Into Players? Concern About Tackle Depth?

Avid reader here and I've noticed that most if not all departing FAs have received an outgoing article by you guys. It made me think of all the time, effort and patience the Cowboys organization put into Morris Claiborne. Given he's gotten injured every season and seems injury prone at times or just flat unlucky, but does the supporting staff that was around him feel somewhat chapped that Claiborne had his best season last year before injury and then signs to another team?

Bryan:More disappointed that he was never the player that they drafted him to be. He was the second-best player on their draft board and they made the effort to go get him. It didn't work out -- you move on. 

David:That's just the cost of doing business. The Cowboys had a price in mind for Claiborne, and he was able to exceed what they were willing to pay. I don't think there are any hard feelings, it's just the business aspect of the league. Now, if Claiborne goes on to start 16 games and make a Pro Bowl for the Jets? That might sting a little bit.

I continue to see the media stress pass rusher and DB as our top needs. While I agree we should be looking hard at those spots, isn't right tackle our biggest weakness if Doug Free is in fact retiring? I feel relatively good about Scandrick, Brown, and Carroll manning the top 3 spots at cornerback. I have our needs ranked as RT, S, DE, CB.

Bryan:The way this draft might fall -- you should look at OT if you don't feel great about Chaz Green. Then take whatever order you want on the defensive side of the ball. 

David: Tackle is certainly a concern, and it's a position I could see them addressing in the draft. But I feel alright about the depth there, given that you have Chaz Green and then potentially La'el Collins who can both play that spot. For me, safety looks like this team's biggest concern right now. 

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