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Mailbag: Is Dallas A Playoff Team Without Dez? D-Line Improvement?

* I recall last year during OTAs, minicamp and training camp, you all talked about you didn't know if the offensive line was that good or the defensive line was that bad. Fast forward a year later and we know now how good the OL is, but does the DL look better this year going against this OL in the same scenarios?*

Bryan: What I like about this current defensive line is the athletic ability and explosiveness from the group. They didn't have that season but when you add Lawrence, Hardy and Gregory it becomes a better group. They can rush four now and get home. 

David:As usual, it's hard to say when we've only seen non-padded practices, but there's no doubt in my mind that this group is better than the 2014 and 2013 versions. DeMarcus Lawrence has been one of the most impressive members of the team this offseason, and I think the D-Line should give as much as it gets when the pads go on.


Can the Cowboys make the playoffs this season without Dez Bryant,
in the event he holds out all season?

Bryan: Why would Dez Bryant hold out and give up a guarantee $13 million? There are times to prove your point but there are other times not to be stupid. Bryant is not stupid. 

David:I agree with Bryan that Dez isn't going to hold out, but I'll answer the question anyway: no. This team already parted ways with one All-Pro in DeMarco Murray, and I think they can absorb that loss – provided they have the best wide receiver in football taking pressure off the ground game. Dez is the type of weapon that changes everything about the way a defense has to play, and I think it would cripple this offense if he's a no-show for the whole season.

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