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Mailbag: Is The Cowboys' Starting Left Guard On The Roster Right Now?

Since we're playing the Rams this weekend and they have a very good defensive line, it got me thinking -- If your defense could only have one elite group between the defensive line, linebackers, or secondary, which group would you choose?

Bryan: Give me the ability to control the front with my line. If I am hard to block then my other positions are just that much better. 

David:If you can get to the quarterback, everything else will fall into place. There's something to be said for a ballhawking secondary, but even great units like Denver and Seattle have fantastic pass rushers helping them do their jobs. I'll take my chances with a defensive line that can affect the quarterback.

Is the starting left guard this season not on the roster yet?

Bryan: I think it is. I believe it's going to be Chaz Green but for how long is the question? If he was more reliable then this wouldn't even be a discussion. He's one of the best five linemen on this squad so they will roll with him. 

David:Every year, this team winds up signing some contributors after final roster cuts – think back to Mark Sanchez, Christine Michael and C.J. Spillman. I think there's a good chance that happens on defense this year, considering all the issues on the defensive line. But between the trio of Chaz Green, Jonathan Cooper and Byron Bell, I think the Cowboys can find a starting guard from within their own roster.

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