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Mailbag: J.J. Wilcox's Improvement?; Sterling Moore's Future?

The last four or five games, J.J. Wilcox seems to be all over the place making plays and tackling well. Agree? Does he start next year or do the Cowboys finally use a high draft pick on a safety next year?

Bryan:There has been a lot of improvement with Wilcox as the season has gone along. He is seeing things better and he is playing under better control, but with that being said, if they have a chance to add a safety that can play in coverage out of the middle of the field or can at times walk down in the slot and handle that assignment, I am sure they would consider that option.

David:I agree with you completely. We've known for a while that Wilcox can hit, but his interception of Andrew Luck last weekend tied him for the team lead on the season. He's still got a lot to learn, as evidenced by the plenty of mistakes he's made. But as Jason Garrett said the other day, he's one of several players who you can see has improved greatly from Week 1 to Week 16 this season. At this point in time, I think there are certainly bigger needs on the roster than addressing the safeties.


With questions at cornerback next year, does Sterling Moore merit serious consideration of becoming a starter?

Bryan: Isn't he starting now? As much nickel as they have played this season, he has been on the field a ton. As far as being the first guy on the depth chart say over Brandon Carr or Orlando Scandrick, I just don't see that happening. Even if they make a move on Carr, I can see that Morris Claiborne is going to get one final shot if he is healthy enough. There is also the fact that Moore is not under contract, which is even more reason to believe that it's Claiborne's job to lose.

David:Moore himself is one of the questions you mentioned. He's slated to become a free agent when the season ends, so the Cowboys will have to decide if he's worth retaining. I think that'd be a smart choice, since Brandon Carr's salary makes his status uncertain, and Morris Claiborne has a long rehab ahead of him. If I was making the decisions, I'd keep Moore and attempt to re-structure Carr's contract. If they can't make it work with Carr,  I'd guess they look at spending an early draft pick on a replacement.

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