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Mailbag: Juggling The QBs Going Forward? Position To Watch vs. Ravens?

Do you take Jason Garrett's mantra of "one day at a time" to mean the quarterback is who it is at this moment and that may change during the remainder of the season depending on circumstances?  Then next season could there be a real quarterback competition which we have not had in a long time?

Bryan: I would apply his mantra of "next man up" for these quarterbacks because I don't see them going to Tony Romo unless Dak Prescott is injured. As far as quarterback competition for next season – I don't see that either. They believe that Prescott is the future going forward. If you believe that then you don't take a step back into the past.

David:It's too early in the season for me to definitively say that this team won't make a switch. I don't care what's being said right now – the Cowboys aren't losing. How much do these conversations change if they start to lose? Or if Dak's play starts to dip? As for next season, no I can't see that. Romo is too expensive to be a backup, and he's too old to build around for the future when you have a younger, cheaper option.

Top  offense (Dallas) vs. top defense (Baltimore).  Which position, offense or defense, is most critical, other than quarterback, for the Cowboys to pull out a win?

Bryan: They are going to need to be able to win on first down because if they lose their ability to be balanced – they lose this game. The Ravens are one of the best defense in the league when it comes to playing on first down and if they can get you in long yardage on second and third downs that plays into their ability to turn Terrell Suggs and these linebackers loose.  

David:Call me boring and predictable, but the Cowboys' offensive line will determine how this thing goes. The Ravens are fantastic against the run, so if the line struggles to open holes for Ezekiel Elliott, it could be a long afternoon. I don't trust the Cowboys to move the ball if they're one-dimensional.


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