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Mailbag: Keeping An Eye On Future Contracts? Re-Stocking The Depth At Safety?



I am wondering about the future of this roster. Our Cowboys are always on the edge of the cap. What is going to happen when we have to pay Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott? The will command a hefty salary.

Bryan:I know for a fact that these cap guys have projected costs out for several years with quarterbacks and running backs in the mix. They have an idea of what they will likely have to pay in the future. The key now is to get rid of this dead money that's hurting them at the moment. 

David:That issue is exactly why the Cowboys aren't trying to be big spenders in free agency right now — they know they're going to have decisions to make in the coming years. Trust me when I say that this franchise isn't "on the edge of the cap." They just aren't interested in gearing up to hand out a ton of money. That mindset will prove to be smart when it comes time to lock down Dak.



With Byron Jones moving over to CB, most agree safety is a top priority this offseason. What is this front office's best path forward to improve the position for this year? Taking into account D-Law's franchise tag, cap space, draft position, other tops needs, etc.

Bryan:The Draft is always a great avenue to help the position. I like several of the players there. I am also interested to see what plans they have for Xavier Woods? He showed some promise playing in the slot and could be the replacement for Jones. 

David:As fun as it would be to see the Cowboys do something wild, like trade for a veteran safety, I think the more likely scenario is that they'll double-dip. To help cover their bases, I'd guess they'll sign an affordable veteran. Then, I wouldn't be surprised if they make safety a draft priority. I doubt they'd be able to draft Derwin James, but there are other options in the later rounds. It's also worth remembering that Xavier Woods and Kavon Frazier are still around, and they should each get a shot at the job.

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