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Mailbag: Keeping Romo On The Shelf? Spreading The Field With Weeden?

If they should lose the next five or so games that Romo is out, pretty much putting them out of the playoff hunt, do you think it would be wise to just keep him on the shelf for the remainder of the season?

Bryan: They made that call the last time that this happened. If it got to that point – I could see them doing the same thing but with no one running away with this division by the time that he does get back they still might have a chance.  

David:Like Bryan pointed out, we really don't know what the division landscape is going to look like in 5-6 weeks. If someone is running away with the lead and Dallas is 2-7 when Romo comes back, it might make sense to shut it down. But I can't really envision a scenario where Dallas isn't at least in striking distance – especially given how weak the NFC East looks this year.


It seems as though Weeden is more comfortable when he is in a spread formation. He usually hits his WR when working out of a one-back or empty backfield, because your reads are easier and throws are not into coverage. Do you see us trying to use more of that during the game, to try and play to his strengths?

Bryan: I said in my post game notes that if I were Scott Linehan I would consider playing more empty set football with Weeden. You are right – he does a better job of taking the ball in the shotgun and throwing it where it needs to go. The field tends to open up for him this way.

David:There's no doubt he's looked more comfortable doing that, but I wonder how it affects the running game. The Cowboys do most of their running from under center, so I'd worry about the offense tipping its tendencies. But I'd be all in favor of letting Weeden spread the field a bit more often.

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