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Mailbag: Keith Smith's Role Going Forward? Dealing With Travis Kelce?



I've heard a lot of talk about the workload McFadden, Morris, and Rod Smith will see now that Zeke is out. What about our fullback, Keith Smith? Could he get some of the 3rd down snaps because he seems like the best back at blitz pick-up, and he has pretty good hands for a fullback.

Bryan: Keith Smith will play but only as a fullback. If things get bad trying to pick up short yardage downs we might see him get those snaps that you're talking about but not till then. 

David:This coaching staff clearly trusts Keith Smith. His big-time reception on a crucial 3rd-and-1 against Green Bay is evidence of that. But I think they'll be much more inclined to trust the running backs on the roster. I'm guessing Keith's role won't change too much.



I'm losing sleep over the idea of Travis Kelce being covered by our linebackers this Sunday. Do you think Scandrick potentially shadows him or will he be chasing Hill all afternoon?

Bryan: You will see a host of folks working on Kelce. My primary guess would be safeties will start with him then adjust from there which is the way that Marinelli has handled things in the past. 

David:It sure would be nice if Chidobe Awuzie was healthy for this matchup, as it might give the Cowboys the freedom to have Byron Jones shadow Kelce around the field. I think that's probably your best bet for slowing him down, but I don't know how much they'll be willing to move Byron away from his typical spot. Either way, I think you're right. It needs to be a defensive back handling that assignment and not a linebacker.

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