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Mailbag: Kris Richard's Prospects With This Staff? LVE Helping The Secondary?



Do you believe the Cowboys also hired Kris Richard with the intention of having him become the new DC if/when Rod Marinelli retires?

Bryan: It would appear that would be a consideration, but I thought the same thing with Matt Eberflus and he moved on. Listening to Marinelli talk this past week, he's really excited about having Richard on board so whatever plan they have for him has his approval. 

David:That would make a lot of sense if it does happen, but I'm not prepared to speak for Rod Marinelli about his intentions for his career. Richard certainly has the pedigree for the job, and he appears to be meshing well with this staff. But let's see what happens in the next nine months before we try to predict something like that.



Does the addition of LVE, who has ball skills and instincts to read plays in the center of the field, take the pressure off finding a ball hawking free safety in this defense?

Bryan: It always helps to have guys the can function well in coverage, but they still need to find a true free safety. There is only so much depth that you can require from your linebackers. A true free safety helps in those areas behind the linebackers and on the outside with the corners. 

David:The popular saying says that each level of your defense helps the next level. The Cowboys have some talent on the D-Line, which should help their linebackers. And the addition of Vander Esch should help their secondary. That's all well and good, but I'd still like to create as much competition as possible at that safety spot.

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