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Mailbag: La'el Collins Impact On The Passing Game? Rookie FA To Watch?


Do you think having a tackle on the strong side with the athleticism of La'el Collins allows the Cowboys the ability to capture that edge without a strong blocking tight end, potentially creating opportunities for another slot receiver on the field or Rico Gathers -- assuming he hasn't perfected the craft of blocking yet?

Bryan: This team will always play with a tight end as long as Jason Witten is in the mix. The problem with Gathers will not be the blocking but his ability to run routes.

Rob: Agree with Bryan – Witten played 96 percent of the offensive snaps last year and I don't see that percentage dropping a whole lot in his 15th season. But if Ryan Switzer develops quickly, there might be opportunities for him on the field at the same time as Cole Beasley. As for Collins, I think he has potential on the edge because we've seen his ability to get out in space and make plays.


I don't know why, but for some reason my pet cat on the preseason roster is (drum roll, please) -- Nate Theaker. Does he show enough to hit the practice squad? I know the 53 is a real long shot due to the depth already there, but I heard he has good movement and size and I just wonder.

Bryan:You've got the right idea as a practice squad player for Theaker. He's going to play a ton in the preseason so that's good but a veteran swing center-guard will be here for that final spot. 

Rob:It's so early in the process, but your scouting report on Theaker is correct. Practice squad seems like a reachable goal. Considering the Cowboys will likely go only about eight deep on the O-Line, it's hard to see a spot for Theaker on the 53 unless he can show some versatility at center, and he has taken snaps there.

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