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Mailbag: Lack Of Depth At Wide Receiver? Byron's Role At Safety?


I was reading the article on what position has the least amount of depth, and I'm wondering why no one chose receiver? I really feel like Williams will get a payday from another team, and other than Beasley, it's nothing but unproven talent. Witten is aging and Escobar, Swaim, and Hanna don't provide any hope. Dez will be easier to contain with no legitimate No. 2 receiver. The future doesn't look too bright, your thoughts?*

Bryan:The depth question comes from this season not the next or coming years. To your point, if Williams does have a nice season or Brice Butler does – one of them is going to get paid by the club in my opinion. I also expect that one of these unproven talents you speak of will get the necessary experience and help going forward. I am not as worried about this position as you are.  

David:You've got a great point. We saw how much this receiver corps suffers when Dez goes down, so the thought of him missing more playing time in 2016 is pretty terrifying. I think the loss of Dez would be offset a little bit if Tony Romo stays healthy, though – considering a good quarterback can make average receivers look better. The future doesn't concern me as much, because receiver is a fairly easy position to address in the draft. If Terrance Williams signs elsewhere, I'd expect the Cowboys to draft a new playmaker in the first three rounds – just like they did with Terrance in 2013.

There's a lot of talk about Byron Jones moving to a full-time safety position.  Will that mean he's spending more time patrolling the deep middle, or will he still be locking down on tight ends... or what?

Bryan:Plenty of deep middle opportunities because that's the scheme they run. With that being said, if Jones needs to match up with a Jordan Reed or Zach Ertz on a particular down and distance situation, we will see those adjustments as well.  

David:My hope is that Byron would be allowed to play center field and let Barry Church move down and play as more of a box safety. Byron has the athleticism and the instincts to play that type of role, and I think it'd give the defense a better opportunity to get interceptions. Of course, Byron also proved his value playing against tight ends last year, and I'm sure he'll reprise some of those duties this fall.

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