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Mailbag: Lack Of Plays At CB? Who Gets Released When Romo Returns?

Why is it that we're always seeing opposing CB's break on the ball, and make int's and or pick 6's? Our CB's just don't make plays, they may defense a pass occasionally but, they're not making game changing plays especially when it counts most! Is it our schemes or lack of talent?

Bryan: This defense is designed for the corners to make plays on the ball, so I would have to say that it's on the players. I go back to several games this season where corners have driven on the ball and been in position to finish plays but haven't. If you aren't talented enough – you are not going to make many plays.

David:I've had this conversation many times over the past eight weeks. It just simply isn't good enough that a defensive end and a linebacker are leading the defense in interceptions, while the cornerbacks have yet to manage one all season. There have been some chances. Mo Claiborne's drop against Atlanta comes to mind. But just in general, you haven't seen them put themselves in position to change games.


When Tony Romo returns from injury, do y'all think the Cowboys will ride with Matt Cassell and Brandon Weeden playing backup to Romo, or will one of the two get released?

Bryan: If I were in that scouting office I would fight to put Brandon Weeden on the street because I know what he is. My feeling is that they will put Kellen Moore on the street because they probably feel like he wouldn't get claimed and they can put him on the practice squad.

David:Someone is certainly going to be cut, because four quarterbacks is simply too many for a 53-man roster. I agree with Bryan. I think the right call would be to release Brandon Weeden. But Weeden's experience might keep him around. If they release Moore, there's a decent chance they can re-sign him to the practice squad. So that seems like a plausible move.

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