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Mailbag: Lawrence Reports Open Door For Bosa? Interest For Josh Norman?

With the reported suspension of DeMarcus Lawrence for four games, does this mean that Joey Bosa is pretty much a lock now to be drafted at No. 4?

Nick: I don't think Bosa is a lock at all. They have to absolutely love the player and the pick to take him at No. 4 overall. Now, is there a need for him? Sure. And that would be my answer if Gregory and Lawrence were both available Week 1. While I somewhat agree with the notion that you can't make a long-term investment based off a four-week suspension, let's not forget how difficult it will be to trust either player moving forward. Yes, it could be just four games now, but these are two young players that have already proven that they aren't making the smartest decisions. I wouldn't say you have to take Bosa but you better address the DE position at some point in the draft.  

David: This is one of the more unusual circumstances I can remember. Lawrence is reportedly set to be suspended, but it hasn't been confirmed by the NFL – so things are in a strange sort of limbo. It seems like the Cowboys have a decent idea of what to expect, which is that their top two pass rushers won't be available for the first month of the season. That is troubling, there's no doubt. But if the Cowboys are going to draft Bosa, it'll be because they think he's the best possible option at No. 4. They're not going to make a 5-10 year decision because of a one-month suspension.

Can you see the Cowboys making a move on Josh Norman?

Nick: Yes, I can see them making a move. Now, probably not the most aggressive of moves, but they did attempt to sign some cornerbacks in free agency – obviously not in the category as Norman. But the Cowboys have always been a team that goes after players that are uncharacteristically available. Players that are on the street not because of lack of talent but because other teams decided to give up on them. Terrell Owens and Greg Hardy both come to mind. And to me, the Panthers were just being stubborn with Norman, who is the closest thing to a shutdown corner as we've seen in the NFL. So yes, I could see the Cowboys trying to make a move, but probably won't have the money to compete with teams in better cap situations.

David: The short answer is no, I can't really see it. The long answer is that, yes – if they were dead-set on doing it, the Cowboys could probably make some kind of play for Josh Norman. But does that really seem like something they'd do, given their recent history with free agents? The Cowboys simply haven't been big spenders since 2012 – when they whiffed on giving a $50 million contract to a coveted cornerback. Giving Norman the blockbuster deal he wants would strain their cap situation, and it'd put them on the hook for 4-5 years to a guy who's already 28. My guess is that they'd rather use a draft pick to find their next lockdown corner.


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