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Mailbag: Lawrence's Suspension? Job Opportunities For Coaches?


When are we going to hear a final ruling from the NFL on how many games DeMarcus Lawrence will miss?*

Bryan: One of the great mysteries in the NFL is player suspensions. Who knows what or when? I pride myself in being on top of things when it comes to this team, but even when the guys in the know don't know there is something wrong. My guess is the league is about to go on vacation, so hopefully we will hear something soon to clear this all up.

David: How about we get word from the NFL that he's even suspended? This whole situation is so weird. The Cowboys are obviously aware that he's facing discipline, but the NFL has yet to even announce anything. Given that fact, I don't even know when to expect word about an appeal. My guess is we won't get an update until the team gets closer to training camp.

When teams show significant improvement, I feel it always opens the door for other job opportunities for coaches and coordinators.  Are there any coaches or coordinators on staff that you see in line for head coach/coordinator opportunities because of how they've done at their current position?

Bryan: One guy that comes to mind and I feel it's going to happen sooner than later is that Matt Eberflus is going to get a job as a defensive coordinator. My gut tells me that the Cowboys are putting him in a situation where he could land the job when Rod Marinelli decides to head into retirement. They are giving him more responsibilities on the defense in preparation for that day.

David: Scott Linehan always comes to my mind when I think about this, because he's got such an impressive resume and has spent time as an NFL head coach. If the offense bounces back to its 2014 level, I could see him getting another shot at head coaching – assuming he wants to do that. The Cowboys also added the title of "passing game coordinator" to Matt Eberflus' job description, which says to me that he's got an opportunity at a defensive coordinator in his future – either with this team or another one.


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