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Mailbag: Learning From Last Year's Mistakes? Expectations For Gregory?

It is fair to say that last year's losing season saw a lot of close games. Come to think of it, they were only ever blown out by the Falcons, while the rest were fairly close games. Fact is, the '15 Cowboys were never good enough no matter the effort. And we know Coach Garret's team was never lacking in the 'hardworking culture' department. The Cowboys must have really reflected, improved individually, and grew closer as a team last year. Do you guys think there was a silver lining in last year's abysmal season? Or are elite run game's the elixir to ultimate success?

Bryan: I hate when a player or coach says that we will learn something from a loss. Losing sucks and that's the bottom line. This team got better in several spots from last season. Their offensive attack is better with those additions you mentioned, and the defense -- unlike last season -- is finishing games which is why they have to record they do. 

David: Cowboys coaches and players have been saying since May that they took a hard look at themselves and committed to improving in the areas they failed last season. I've never bought it. This team is almost completely the same, with one huge exception. The quarterback play is much better this year. In 2015, we watched quarterbacks turn the ball over and struggle to pass for 150 yards. The offense couldn't stay on the field, and subsequently the defense wound up on the field too much. Dak Prescott's emergence has reversed those trends, and it's paying off. I honestly believe it's really that simple.

Assuming that the Cowboys don't implode over the next few weeks and they make the playoffs, what do you see Randy Gregory's role being in the defense if any?

Bryan: Gregory is working with the strength coaches now. He will be in shape come Dec. 19th and hopefully will have a place on the roster if needed. I don't think you can fully count on him but at least they're trying to get him ready if the opportunity is there. 

David:After the events of the past year, I think it'd be a mistake to have a ton of faith in Randy Gregory. Having said that, it seems like he's been working diligently with the strength staff and will be in good condition when he's ready to return. Anything he can contribute to the pass rush is better than nothing.


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