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Mailbag: 'Least Available' Draft Needs? Would McClain Return Rule Out Myles Jack?


I know we believe that there are lots of defensive tackles in this draft. But when you look at the Cowboys' position needs, which are the "least" available in the draft?

Nick: I don't think there is a spot that really applies here. The Cowboys could use a cornerback, pass rusher, linebacker, wide receiver and running back. When you think about it, all of those spots could be addressed at No. 4, with the possible exception of running back because it might be more of a reach. Still, I think fans would be just fine if they drafted Elliott there. But considering Ramsey, Bosa, Jack and Treadwell, there is a legitimate prospect that would fill a glaring need the Cowboys could consider.

Bryan: Depending what they do at safety there is a pretty big drop-off talent wise between the top ones and down-the-line guys. Sure, there are names there in the middle of the board but the quality of those plays would have me concerned to select.


Sources say that the Cowboys are interested in re-signing Rolando McClain. Would that eliminate the possibility of drafting a linebacker like Myles Jack at No. 4?

Nick:Well, it's better than "sources" this time. Stephen Jones said the Cowboys are talking to McClain's agents and want him back. But I really hope that move doesn't affect anything they do in the draft. And it never should. Free agent moves are to protect yourself in case you don't get what you want or need in the draft. But if Myles Jack is the best guy on the board at No. 4, anything they have done with McClain will have no effect on taking him.

Bryan: It likely would. I see the best fit for Jack would be as that MIKE because you don't want to move Sean Lee from the WILL. Jack is one of my favorite players in this draft but I would concede that with McClain in the mix, it doesn't make much sense to draft him.

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