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Mailbag: Letting Gathers Develop? Improving Hanna's Role In The Offense?

Last year, the Cowboys signed Efe knowing that he was a project and within a few months, he was cut.  How long will the Cowboys wait or allow Rico to develop?  Will they give him more chances seeing as they drafted him in the sixth round?

Bryan: This front office will do everything in their power to make sure that Rico Gathers gets fair shot to develop. Let be honest here, Gathers is a far more talented player and has a better chance to be something more in the future.

David:I'm well aware that Rico Gathers doesn't have much experience playing football, but he's far ahead of Obada by simple virtue of the fact that he has played a sport at an elite level. If I had to guess, I think Gathers is likely a practice squad guy to start his career – but it wouldn't be surprising if he acclimates faster than I'm giving him credit for.

Is James Hanna was a former receiver and one of the quickest players on the team; is he just too valuable as a blocker or do you think since signing his new contract that the coach's will find ways to get the ball into his hands more?

Bryan: I have to admit that I love James Hanna the point of attack player but really confused about James Hanna the receiver? I am with you – I thought he would have had more opportunities to develop as a downfield player but it just hasn't happened. Even the plays that he has made there just isn't much to them. Escobar is a better when it comes to catching the ball no question but these coaches have not used Hanna like I thought they might have.

David:The Cowboys clearly value Hanna's abilities, given the size of the deal they gave him. But I'm just not convinced his role as a receiver is going to improve much going forward – and it has nothing to do with Hanna, who I think is an underrated receiving option. Simply put, there just aren't enough touches to go around. When you factor in Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams and now Ezekiel Elliott, I'm just not sure how many receptions are left for Hanna to work with. His value to this team is as a blocker and a special teamer.


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