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Mailbag: Limiting Washington's Passing Game? Free Agency Miscues?

Although Dallas won both of their games against them last year, the Redskins did manage to put up over 400 and 500 yards respectively in each of those games. What will Dallas need to do differently on the defensive side of the ball to prevent Kirk Cousins from torching us?

Bryan: I don't think it's one or two things that you do differently. I actually feel that the Redskins are better offensively, so that in itself is going to make this game difficult. What has been the difference in these games has been red zone defense and turnovers. Cousins will still get his yards but holding him to field goals and forcing him into mistakes will likely be the difference again. 

David:There's one element to this game that the Cowboys haven't had in recent years -- a pass rush. The Cowboys have 21 sacks, which is good enough for sixth in the league. The Redskins are banged up on their offensive line, as four different starters are dealing with issues. You're probably not going to shut down Kirk Cousins. But if the pass rush can get to him, it could make a world of difference.

Do you think the Cowboys' front office needs to rethink the way they are evaluating/signing free agents? It looks as though they may have mis-evaluated this year's signings.

Bryan: No question it was a bad run, but look at what happened. Nolan Carroll was a bridge to the young kids. The kids played faster and better so Carroll is out. Stephen Paea was playing well, but if you physically can't answer the bell is that on the scouts? Damontre' Moore is more than just ability but the move allows them to play Taco Charlton more. If you find you missed on him, then we have some issues to talk about. 

David:There's no way to spin this as a good thing. The Cowboys went bargain hunting, and it didn't pay off. But I think you can still view the strategy as an overall positive. None of these three signings worked out, so the Cowboys parted ways. As disappointing as that might be, at least they aren't saddled with a gigantic contract that they can't get away from. For a front office that wants to build through the draft, I doubt they're losing too much sleep about it.

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