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Mailbag: Linebacker A Top Draft Need? How Early For Potentially Drafting A RB?


A lot of your answers in reference to the draft have concerned the need for drafting a linebacker. With Sean Lee and Jaylon Smith onboard, why the need?

Rob: Stephen Jones spoke on this topic earlier this week. Depth is a huge factor at linebacker. It's a high-impact position where injuries are common. The Cowboys are confident Smith will take another step forward in 2018, but remember that Lee and Anthony Hitchens missed a combined nine games last year. Jones said the Cowboys want to bring back Hitchens, and keep in mind that Kyle Wilber is also a free agent and the team let Justin Durant go late in the season.

Bryan: The depth at the position is not great and with the health questions of both players, I don't think you can go into next season believing that Lee and Smith can both hold up for 16 games. You have to protect yourself and this would be the best way of doing that. 


Do you think if Sony Michel from Georgia is available in available, perhaps Round 2, he is worth drafting or do we still go with a priority area that early? I know running back isn't our biggest concern but with Alfred Morris being a free agent, and even based on talent Michel is certainly an upgrade. The 2 RB combo was killer for the Saints and I think we could have that with Michel/Zeke, but better. Your thoughts?

Rob: I think Rod Smith has a chance to be the No. 2 back for this team next year. The Cowboys are very impressed with his development. As you said, we'll see what happens with Morris. I could see Dallas drafting a running back, but perhaps more of a change-of-pace back. Round 2 might be early for RB given their other needs.

Bryan: I am a big fan of Sony Michel and I currently have him as a second-round guy. It's a really deep draft at the position so could grab a guy at a couple of different spots. My question is would the staff use Michel or any other drafted back the same way the Saints do? I don't believe they want to take Elliott off the field, but that's not a bad thing. 

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