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Mailbag: Linebackers At The Back Of The Depth Chart? NFL Top 100 Snubs?

Who is the most likely to benefit from the suspension of McClain that is currently on the roster? I'd assume it'd have to be another linebacker, perhaps this opens the door for Deon King to land a spot? I'm excited to see if he can be effective on a larger stage once the pads come on.

Bryan:If Deon King makes the practice squad it will be a major accomplishment. Just a line from my scouting report from the spring: "Size will give him problems. If he goes toe-to-toe with a big blocker, he can become engulfed. Undersized but very active. Will take on blocks but gets over run too." He will get opportunities in these preseason games, but he has a long way to go.

David:The most obvious benefactor has got to be Anthony Hitchens, who I expect will win the starting middle linebacker job at some point. Behind him, Mark Nzeocha is the guy I've got my eye on. Before McClain was suspended, I wondered if there'd be room for him in this linebacker corps. Now, I really like his odds to play and earn a spot during camp.

Why was Sean Lee not on the NFL top 100 players list? Unbelievable.

Bryan:It was a little surprising, but the players that vote don't get to see all the guys play and that is a problem. Reputation tends to get voted on more than actual playing ability or production. What matters more is that Lee was in the Pro Bowl for his work during the season and that was the most important thing.

David:I watched the end of the NFL's Top 100 list on Wednesday night. If you take the list for what it is – offseason entertainment – then it shouldn't bother you too much. But I can't say I agree with too much of the criteria for what determines the "best" players, not to mention the wild fluctuation year-to-year. As for the Cowboys, I think Zack Martin is the biggest snub on their list. He's widely regarded as one of the top two guards in the game, but he isn't one of the 100 best players?


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