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Mailbag: Linehan's Job Prospects? Too Much Talk About Playing Romo?

With success coming this year, should we as fans be worried at all about Scott Linehan getting a head coach opportunity? If he were to leave, do you think they would promote in house? Or look for a veteran offensive coordinator? (Norv Turner return?)

David: It's always a possibility that other clubs will come after a successful team's coordinator – that's a byproduct of success. I don't know if Linehan wants to leave, but if he did, I'd assume the Cowboys would look outside. I'm not sure there are any coaches on the offensive staff that are ready for that gig. Norv Turner is an interesting suggestion. He's available, and Jason Garrett has a close relationship with him.

Rob: Usually coordinators for offenses this good -- particularly with a rookie quarterback and running back -- wind up getting head coaching interviews. Guess we'll see with Linehan. He and the coaching staff have done an excellent job putting Prescott in situations where he can be successful.

What are your thoughts on Jerry Jones comments regarding the end of the season and how he continually brings Tony Romo into the equation? Don't get me wrong, I see what he is saying as far as having Tony ready "just in case," but it almost seems as if Jerry wants or is looking for the slightest reason to bring Tony into a game.

David: I don't think it's fair to say Jerry "continually" brings it up. He was asked a question about whether he'd play Tony Romo if the Cowboys clinched, and he did his best to answer it. Personally, I agree with him. Assuming the final games are meaningless, it couldn't hurt to get Romo some reps to ensure that he's ready if something happens in the playoffs. On top of that: what better way to improve Romo's trade market than to give the league a glimpse of what he can do?

Rob:I don't believe that's what Jerry meant. He's just referring to Romo being ready to step in if Prescott were to get injured. Romo just hasn't played a lot of football the last two years. He has played in four regular season games since last September, finishing two of those games. Practice can prepare players for a game situation only up to a point, although that's the life of a backup quarterback. By the way, Jerry is getting asked these types of questions and trying his best to answer them. The team clearly made their decision to go with Prescott as the starter.


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