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Mailbag: Long-Term Depth On Defense? Darkhorse Candidates For No. 4?

Four of the team's "top" DL's are currently signed beyond 2016 while four of the team's current top 5 or 6 DB's are NOT signed beyond 2016, which is a greater priority for drafting for depth.

Bryan: I would be more concerned about the defensive backs. I believe you are going to see this front office take the approach that they did with the offensive line several years ago in trying to rebuild this secondary. Byron Jones was that first block and if they get a shot at Jalen Ramsey he'd likely the next piece. There are several nice options throughout this draft regardless of the round but Ramsey would be a nice start.

David:You raise a really good point. As troublesome as the pass rush might look right now, the future of the secondary is awfully shaky. Of course, you've got Orlando Scandrick and Byron Jones under contract for the foreseeable future. But Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox are all entering the final year of their deals. If it doesn't happen at No. 4, Xavien Howard is a guy I like a lot at No. 34 overall.

We've heard about the QBs and the DLs and a little about Elliott, Ramsey, and Jack. Is there anyone else, a dark horse if you will, that they might be considering at No. 4 that we have not heard a lot of buzz about?

Bryan: I would keep an eye on Vernon Hargreaves out of Florida. Jalen Ramsey appears to be the first option to play cornerback here but Hargreaves was in the building on Thursday to meet with the coaches and scouts. Hargreaves has quietly been on their radar and depending on how things might fall ahead of them on draft day could be in the mix for consideration.

David:I'm not sure if these qualify as dark horses, but I guess I'd have to say Shaw Lawson or Noah Spence. We've talked about both of them, but it's not often that you see them talked about as the fourth overall pick. They're both extremely talented, and they fill a position of need. I wouldn't be shocked to see either guy climb the draft board in these last few weeks.


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