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Mailbag: Long-Term Future For Leary? Cowboys' 2nd Round Picks?

I personally like La'el Collins, but Ronald Leary, in my opinion, when healthy is clearly a better football player. Any chance the coaches see what I see and lobby for Leary to be re-signed and maybe put Collins out at right tackle? Or Chaz Green seemed to really step up when Tyron Smith went down could be the future starting right tackle?

Bryan: I understand your point on Ronald Leary but the next guard they're going to spend resources on is Zack Martin. Leary has played his way to a larger pay day and deservingly so. The question is whether teams will take a chance on him with his knee condition from college. Collins will be the starter at left guard and Chaz Green likely your starter at right tackle next season.

David: I don't see Leary's long-term future in Dallas, and I think that mainly comes down to money. After five long years, Leary finally gets to enter unrestricted free agency in 2017. And if he maintains this level of play, he should be rewarded handsomely for his efforts. Collins is under contract through the 2017 season, and then he enters restricted free agency in 2018 – which means he's essentially under club control for several more years. Collins is the easier player to hold on to, which is important when you consider the hefty contracts elsewhere on the line.

I know the draft is often perceived as a "crapshoot," but is there any explainable reason for why Jerry Jones' is able to be successful in the first round, but lack the same success in the second round?

Bryan: Because he tends to gamble on players that have first round talent on their board that might not be first round talent. The selection of Gavin Escobar was a poor one because of the scheme change. I will say this, if Jaylon Smith ever gets to suit up he might have changed his luck.   

David:The Cowboys like to take gambles on big-time talents that have slipped in the second round, and you can afford to do that when the general manager is also the owner. On occasion, the gambles pay off. Sean Lee slipped because of injury issues, and he has developed into a Pro Bowler. DeMarcus Lawrence was considered by many to be a first-round talent, and the Cowboys traded up to snag him – and his arrow seems to be pointing upward. On the other side of things, you've got ones that haven't worked, like Gavin Escobar and Randy Gregory. It's a nerve-wracking strategy, but the Cowboys aren't afraid of risk. Hopefully for them, this latest gamble on Jaylon Smith pays off. 


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