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Mailbag: Long-Term Need At Defensive Back? Elliott's Landing Spot?

If my analysis is correct, the Cowboys do not have many defensive backs signed beyond the upcoming season, which will create a big problem the year after. Given this, can they really pass on Ramsey if he is there when they pick at No. 4?

Bryan: I don't believe they will pass on Ramsey if given the opportunity to select him. I could also see them adding another defensive back at some point during this draft. Its deep enough that you could grab some help there.

David: You make a great point. The biggest concern for this team isn't about 2016, it's about 2017 – when Brandon Carr, Mo Claiborne, Barry Chuch and J.J. Wilcox all become free agents. I don't think the Cowboys are in a position where they'd have to draft Ramsey, but he'd certainly give them some stability on the back end for the foreseeable future.


With Philly being the consensus landing spot for Ezekiel Elliott prior to their trade to No. 2, how far back do you think the Cowboys could trade to grab Elliot and pick up an additional early pick or two?

Bryan:I am not going back in this draft. The minute you get cute you lose the player. Teams know Dallas intent now – stand in there and make the pick. If Ramsey is not on the board, then pick Elliott at 4 and move on.

David: That's a tricky question. It's easy to look at the board and say that Miami is the logical landing spot for Elliott, all the way back at No. 13. But that's no guarantee. The Giants stand out as a team that could use talent at running back. Even before them, I wouldn't be surprised if Baltimore had interest at No. 6, considering Justin Forsett is turning 31 this year. If the Cowboys want Zeke, I think they'd be better off grabbing him at No. 4. 

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