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Mailbag: Long-Term Projections For The Rookie DBs? Maliek Collins?

I am intrigued by the young players in the secondary. How do you see them lining up long term? Lewis in the slot? Awuzie at safety? Woods at safety or hybrid S/CB in nickel packages?

Bryan: Woods will be safety and cover some in the slot. Lewis will be an outside player with some ability to play in the slot. Awuzie is interesting because I think he might be a better safety, but his skills make me think he could be a corner. He might be the one of the young guys with the most flexibility. 

David:From the time he was drafted, I assumed Jourdan Lewis would be the Cowboys' slot corner of the future. But to this point in his rookie season, he has looked just fine playing on the outside. It's nice to think that both he and Anthony Brown have the flexibility to do both. It's hard to project Chido, since we haven't really seen him play much. But I would like to get a look at him at safety.


Is it my imagination or has Maliek Collins been exceptionally quiet this year?  He has 2.5 sacks but those came in the first three games. Has he regressed?

Bryan: If there are two guys on defense I thought would have great seasons it was Anthony Brown and Maliek Collins. Both have had their share of problems this season, but I am starting to see some better things from Collins since they moved him back to nose tackle. He's done a good job of helping David Irving inside and been there for DeMarcus Lawrence, as well, with some middle push. Not giving up on either player but it has been surprising to say the least. 

David:It's definitely been a bit surprising – especially considering I thought Collins would lead the defense in sacks. But then again, I never would've seen this performance coming from the other guys on the line. You'd like to see more splash plays from Collins, but I think it is fair to say that it all goes hand-in-hand with the pass rush. DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving can no doubt attribute some of their success to Collins' push from the tackle spot.

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