Mailbag: Longterm Future For Melton & McClain?; Suh Getting To Romo

If you had to make a choice between keeping Henry Melton or signing Rolando McClain, what would be your choice?

David:It's got to be McClain, and I don't think it's close. Melton looked like he was rapidly returning to his Pro Bowl form back in October and November, but it's been six-to-eight weeks since he's made much of an impact in a game. McClain has been hampered by injuries throughout the season, but there's no denying the impact he can make in the middle of the defense when he's healthy. Furthermore, the option on Melton's contract is far too expensive, while I don't foresee McClain being too expensive to sign.

Bryan: There is no doubt that it's McClain. If you think about what he has meant to this defense, it is not even close. Melton has flashed moments where he appeared to be regaining some form but what it costs to have him under contract it just doesn't make much sense. McClain could allow you to also move Sean Lee to help him maybe further his career health-wise.


Regarding Ndamukong Suh's reinstatement, I understand not considering priors when determining if a rule was broken, but they must be considered in sentencing once it's been established a rule has been broken, even recent priors of teammates. Otherwise, this ruling just puts a $70,000  price tag on stomping Romo's back.

David:The entire process was a little silly, considering the league suspended him first. Then, when Suh won the appeal, that ruling even acknowledged Suh's violation of the player safety policy. Considering both of those things, it's odd to me that he was reinstated. Having said that, it was his first issue in two seasons, so maybe he was deserving of some benefit of the doubt. I have no doubt the refs and the league will have a close eye on him Sunday, and that any further misconduct will draw much more than a fine.

Bryan: You are making way too much of a big deal about this. Whether Suh played or not this offensive line is better equipped to handle him in the game. It will be an outstanding match up, and if Zack Martin and Ronald Leary play like they have all season there will be no back stomping on Romo like you have predicted.

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