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Mailbag: Longterm Plans For The RBs? Assessing Terrance Williams


If Christine Michael does well for us (especially if he starts) can we just roll with Michael, Randle and Rod Smith while releasing McFadden? Roster spots are very valuable and McFadden hasn't shown me enough to suggest his spot is safe.*

Bryan: I have to agree that McFadden hasn't shown enough but as much as I have thrown dirt on Joseph Randle – I am not sure he isn't still the starter. I would like to see Michael play more and I believe we will. Smith is a different style of back from what they have had – so we need to explore him further. McFadden would make the most sense but they are using him in several different personnel groups – so I am not really sure what direction they might go here.

David: I think the coaches are going to give Michael every opportunity to earn a piece of the pie, but I'm reluctant to think they're trying to move on from any of their current backs. They all bring a bit of a different skillset – especially McFadden's abilities as a receiver. I'm intrigued to see what Rod Smith looks like, but my guess is he'll be a gameday inactive for the next little bit.



Why has Terrance Williams been such a no-show? The absence of Dez Bryant handed him a huge, gift-wrapped opportunity but he has failed to seize it, or even so much as tear open a corner and peek in to have a look. What gives?*

Bryan:There have been times where Williams has been open and I honestly believe it's more about the quarterback or lack of that has been his biggest problem. What has been disappointing about Williams in my view is that he really hasn't improved in catching the ball. I can't remember the last time that he made a true contested catch? If you are 50-50 receiver in this league catching the ball – you are going to have problems and right now that's what he is.

David: I like Terrance's big-play ability, but I think the simple fact of the matter is that he's not a No. 1 receiver. That might be a bit unfair, because he's working with backup quarterbacks – maybe he'd be playing better with Tony Romo in the lineup. But I'm just not sure he's got the ability to thrive despite being the focal point of the defense. He's at his best when he can benefit from the attention paid to Dez.

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