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Mailbag: Looking At Jacoby Jones? Is It Worth It To Sit Romo Down?

Special Teams have been somewhat of a disappointment the past few games. Any chance we give Jacoby Jones a look?

Nick: Well, they all get "a look." Every guy on the wire is probably discussed by at least someone in the scouting department, especially the scout who has the Chargers as one of his two teams. That's an every-day occurrence so trust that he's been evaluated. Personally, I wouldn't mind it, assuming that he wasn't cut for any other reasons than performance. He's a dynamic returner who could immediately help that part. He's not a bad receiver either, especially considering this team has Brice Butler and Devin Street playing on the active roster. I wouldn't expect the Cowboys to do this but certainly wouldn't be upset with them if they did.

David: I've been proven wrong a couple of times, but my inclination is always going to be that this coaching staff prefers their guys. The punt returns have been lackluster at best, but I think the staff is grooming Lucky Whitehead to take a shot at that eventually. The running back they just signed, Trey Williams, has some kick return experience, so perhaps he gets a look. But I'd be surprised if they made a move for Jones.


If the Cowboys fall to 2-7 before Romo is eligible to return, and it seems they are out of contention, do you see them keeping him out a little longer with the idea that it would give them a better draft pick, which could be used to draft a QB?  We could end up with a good QB to groom while Romo finishes his career.*

Nick: No. Romo is the quarterback. When he's back, he plays. You've got to understand the mindset of Romo, Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones. If this team is 2-7, and it very well could be, all three of them will be very confident the Cowboys can finish 9-7. If that happens, they'll be 4-2 in the division and could have the tiebreakers on anyone else. So it's possible they could win it. Romo plays when he comes back.  

David: I can't see that happening, just because it goes against Jason Garrett's entire mantra these past two seasons. In this division, even if the Cowboys are 2-7, I think there would be some belief that Romo can help right the ship. Even if that hope is misguided, I have a hard time believing Romo would simply sit for seven games while the team struggles around him.


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