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Mailbag: Luck Involved With Drafting Dak? Usain Bolt As A Cowboy?

Jerry Jones's desire to trade picks for Paxton Lynch was well documented.  But there were other rumors about other QBs as well (Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg).  Was that a pre-draft smoke screen?  Or did the front office have their eyes on Prescott the whole time?  Was "settling" for Dak at the end of the fourth round just lucky?

Bryan:Dak Prescott was the 6th best quarterback on their board. They had him in the right round for where they took him. In talking to multiple sources about the selection, they give the coaching staff a great deal of credit for bringing Prescott to the club. There was a tremendous amount of work done by the scouts to get the information on him and like most good departments – the coaches were able to follow up with their own study and information gathering which led to the selection.

David:I think the answer can be a little bit of both. The Cowboys obviously liked Dak Prescott. They met with him at the Combine, they had Wade Wilson work him out privately and they eventually drafted him. But you also can't deny that they tried on multiple occasions to draft someone else higher. The Cowboys had five other quarterbacks rated higher than Prescott. So obviously you have to attribute some of this to the luck of the draft. You also have to give them credit for doing their homework and being ready to pull the trigger when they did. That's the way the draft works – a ton of preparation and a sizable amount of luck.

I have been asking you this question for 12 years now, (yes check my emails 12 years). Why not sign Usain Bolt to a contract and use him to really spread defenses with his speed. It worked out just fine for Bullet Bob Hayes, he won a Super Bowl. Now Tony Dungy is saying the same thing and every coach must be lined up. Imagine Bolt with a star on his helmet. Dare to dream!

Bryan:Cool home town. If I were to line up against Usain Bolt – I would stand so close to him that we were breathing the same air. On the snap, I would take my right hand and jam it in his chest, then take my left and do the same thing. I would never allow him to get off the line and use his speed. There are guys that are in this league that have played receiver their entire career and don't understand how to get off press coverage. Bob Hayes worked because he played in a different era against a different type of athlete.      

David:I watched a feature during the Olympics about how Bolt is an astonishingly slow starter out of the blocks, but he uses his length to his advantage when he hits top gear. When Bolt hits the 50-meter mark, no one in the world can catch him. There's just one problem -- that doesn't work in football. How often does a receiver have 50 yards to run unimpeded? It doesn't work that way. Bolt is arguably the greatest athlete in the world, but I'm just not sure his skills translate to football.

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