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Mailbag: Lucky More Involved On Punt Returns? Who Sits When Dez Returns?

Since Cole Beasley was the punt returner solely because the coaches trusted him not muffing punts, who do you think will be handling the punt return duties going forward?

David: I won't be surprised if Beasley holds onto the job, because I think the staff trusts him despite that mishap. They are loyal, maybe even too loyal. That said, I'd expect Lucky Whitehead will get a look or two this week. As Jason Garett always says, he wants to foster competition at every position as often as possible.

Rob: I still think Beasley has the trust of the coaching staff, but that said, they know Whitehead is capable of making big plays, too. I wouldn't be surprised if both got opportunities going forward, because Whitehead's performance against the Giants (six touches on offense and returns, 79 yards) might have given the coaches more confidence that he'll protect the ball as well as make something happen with it.

Chances are Dez may return this week. If Dez does return this week, what other wide receiver sits: Lucky Whitehead, Devin Street, or Brice Butler?

David: Whitehead had a nice game against the Giants, but he has yet to prove his viability as a downfield receiver. Street, up until his fantastic touchdown grab, had proven himself more likely of producing penalties than anything else. I think they value Street's ability as a blocker, but Whitehead might have a role to play in special teams. I'd have to guess it'd be Street who sits.

Rob: It's a good question if indeed the team keeps only five receivers active on game day when Dez gets back. I wonder if the Cowboys continue trying to utilize Whitehead's speed on offense, which would give him a weekly role in addition to kickoff and possibly punt return duties. Would that leave Street or Butler to be active? Maybe, and like Whitehead, Butler's speed is an asset. He has been more involved in each game he's played.

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