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Mailbag: Lucky Whitehead's Progress? Concerns About Terrance Williams?

If Lucky Whitehead is not returning punts, why is he still on the roster?

Bryan: Because there is something that this front office has seen from him that might not make a difference right now but will in the future. Ideally when he is on the 46 you would like to see him contribute more but for right now he holds that spot with the hope that he could develop.

David: Typically, in situations like this, you might see a team try to stash a developmental player on the practice squad. With Whitehead, I'm sure the Cowboys are afraid he wouldn't clear waivers if they did release him. They clearly don't trust him to play a big role right now, but their hopes have to be high for him to still be on the roster. It'll just take some patience.



I wanted to know if you think it is time to start to have real concerns about Terrance Williams? Last year defenses were able to make him seem to disappear on the field, this year he seems to be dropping passes and not fighting for the ball. Will he turn it around in your mind, or is there long term concerns here? I think he is not helping Weeden out at all by his performance.*

Bryan: Williams was outstanding while Bryant missed the majority of training camp, and I know I had hope that he was on his way but it's been a struggle. His play last week on the slant to seal the game against the Eagles was outstanding, but we need to see more of that. It has been 50-50 on whether he will catch the ball and that is my biggest concern. When they can get him going early in a game – he tends to have better results. I believe that we will see that against the Saints.  

David:I don't know that I have real concerns – but I think that depends on your level of expectation for Terrance Williams. I'm just not sure he is equipped to be the focal point of the offense, and he plays much better when he can complement the likes of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. This Cowboys don't have Dez right now, so it doesn't surprise me to see Terrance struggle. There's no doubt he can improve on his no-show against the Falcons, but I wonder how high his ceiling is without Dez.

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