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Mailbag: Making Room For Lovie Smith? Interest In Colt McCoy?

Do you think Rod Marinelli would be interested in asking Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett if they could add Lovie Smith to his defensive staff?

Bryan: As nice as that sounds I believe that Lovie with sit out for a bit and collect his money from the Bucs. This firing had to shock his system a bit and I don't see him getting back into it anytime soon.

David:Lovie Smith is a longtime NFL head coach – and a relatively successful one, at that. I have a hard time believing he'd want to sign on to be a position coach under his friend Rod Marinelli. Smith could surely find a better job elsewhere. Or, as Bryan mentioned, he could take some time off and earn some serious severance pay.


We keep hearing Manziel this and RG3 that, but what about Colt McCoy? He seems to be a traditional quarterback and has a good arm. Assuming he is not re-signed after this year by Washington. Do you see this organization going after him?

Bryan: McCoy might be looking for a situation where he can start, and being here doesn't offer him that opportunity unless something once again happens with Romo. If he was interested in coming here as a backup – then by all means work to make that happen if you are Jerry and Stephen Jones. He would fill a huge hole on this roster.

David:We've seen firsthand just how effective McCoy can be. He beat the Cowboys on Monday Night Football last year, and he played well in relief of Kirk Cousins last weekend. If he's comfortable being a backup, then I'd say go for it. He's an immediate improvement and I doubt he'd be too expensive.

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