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Mailbag: Maliek Collins' Potential On The D-Line? What To Do At Corner?


We keep hearing about edge rushers are needed on this team, but I thought the three-technique tackle was the key to making this defense run. The idea was to have Tyrone Crawford at this position but things changed. Do you guys think Maliek Collins is that player, or is there one in the draft?

Bryan: This drafted doesn't have great three techniques unless you're selecting in the top 12. Can see them moving Crawford back inside and looking at these defensive ends. 

Rob: I wouldn't dismiss the idea of moving Crawford back to defensive tackle, either, depending on what their personnel winds up looking like at defensive end. I do think Collins showed flashes of being a disruptive player at the three-technique spot. When you think about how much time he missed last offseason – he didn't practice until late in training camp coming off foot surgery – he played well next to Terrell McClain.


I know we have a few decisions to make going forward at the corner position. How comfortable would you be moving on from both Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne and going with Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown as your starters and drafting another corner in a draft that is corner heavy?

Bryan: I am okay moving on from both Carr and Claiborne because you're right - this is a great draft for cornerbacks. They will be able to find them help going that route.

Rob:I wouldn't be comfortable with that even though it's arguably the deepest position in this year's draft. I think you could bring back one, even both, and still draft a cornerback. Of course, the market may determine what the Cowboys can do in free agency. To me, corners are like pass rushers. You can never have enough in this league. And although Byron Jones is versatile enough to move there if needed, I think his best fit on this team is free safety.

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