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Mailbag: Martin's Chances At Rookie Of The Year?; Resting Players In Week 17?

Do you think Zack Martin is a legit contender for Offensive Rookie of the Year, or do you think the flashy half season numbers of Beckham are too much to overcome? Also, do you think Anthony Hitchens gets any love from the voters for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award?

Bryan: An offensive lineman will never win Rookie of the Year honors, just because it's about the flashy plays and numbers. But I will say this about Martin: he is just as valuable to his team than those receivers that are all sitting at home watching the playoffs. Hitchens is valuable as well, but he has not been a starter the majority of the season and that will work against him.

David:I think Martin should absolutely be considered for the award, given what he's helped this offensive line do since the moment he showed up at Valley Ranch. That said, I don't think he'll win. An offensive lineman has never won, and Beckham's stats are unreal for a guy who missed an entire month. As for Hitchens, he's been good, but not Rookie of the Year good. I think Aaron Donald might have that one sewed up.


With the playoffs clinched, do you believe that we will see a lot of players getting a lightened workload or sitting out entirely in Week 17?

Bryan: Garrett has come out and said he only has 16 of these games and he believes in taking advantage of all of them. He is in a tough spot, because his game is early while the others that matter to him are all late. With all the crazy things that happen in this league I am sure that he would feel sick if he didn't give his best and something happened in one of those games. With all that being said – I have a feeling that by Friday we will have a good idea of how they are going to play this game.  

David:I can see both sides of this argument. On one hand, you have a great opportunity to rest your guys and get everyone healthy for the playoffs. On the other hand, the Cowboys are rolling, and it seems unwise to mess with the routine that's gotten them to this point. My compromise would be simple: I think Jason Garrett will play all of his starters, but you'll begin seeing veterans and other key players head to the sideline around halftime. There's no reason anyone important needs to play all four quarters of this game – just enough to stay in their zone.

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