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Mailbag: McClain's Future? New Deal For Terrance Williams?


Who on the roster currently do you think will fill in for McClain while he serves his suspension? What is the possibility Dallas cuts him after the recent failed test.*

Bryan: Jasper Brinkley is next man up and will get the first start at it and no he will not be released.

David: You aren't the only person asking about McClain's future – but I quite simply don't see any reason why the Cowboys would release him. They structured his contract to protect them from instances just like this, with heavy incentives for each game and for the percentage of snaps he plays. The club is actually going to save money while McClain serves his suspension, and he's not going to take up a roster spot. When he returns, the Cowboys will be hopeful he can contribute at the same level as last season. In the meantime, Jasper Brinkley and Anthony Hitchens are the guys to watch.


Do you guys think Terrance Williams has been consistent enough to earn a second contract and what do you think his price range would be?

Bryan: I am all for thinking down the road, but I would be more concerned about getting Tyrone Crawford done before I would worry about Williams. With that being said – I do feel like we will see an outstanding season from him and we can revisit this question then.

David:That's a hard one to predict, considering Terrance is only halfway through his rookie year. It's easy to look at his touchdowns and his yards-per-catch average and be impressed, but he has also yet to record more than 44 catches in a season. He's going to need to prove himself far more consistent before I'd expect him to get a big pay day.

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