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Mailbag: Missing Orlando Scandrick? Replacing Production On Offense

I keep hearing how Dallas' problems go further than Tony Romo. It got me thinking about Orlando Scandrick. Do you think Dallas wins a game or two during this losing streak if he were in?

Rob: I think it's a great point when you think about three straight games down to the final drive, and knowing Scandrick's ability to be assignment sharp and help this defense get off the field on third down. They miss him. If he's in the game Sunday, maybe Byron Jones stays at free safety instead of having to slide to corner when Mo Claiborne hurt his hamstring.

David:Yeah, that was going to be my main point. Having Scandrick would just mean that much more to the Cowboys' depth at corner – you'd likely see Byron Jones stick much more to a safety role than having to shift around. They're certainly not better without Scandrick, considering he was their best corner. I'm dubious that he's the difference between a win and a loss, though.


With the lack of offensive production since Romo's absence, does the coaching staff look at drafting a WR or RB? Or even possibly Romo's future replacement? I almost feel like the team is at a rebuilding point for the offense after seeing what life is like without Romo under center.

Rob: As we sit here right now, without knowing what they might do in free agency first next year, I think you look at running back and receiver in the draft for depth if nothing else, and the characteristic that stands out to me is speed. Obviously Lance Dunbar's return next year will help both positions because he can help you in either area. As far as quarterback goes, it's a hard one to project because the team needs help now at other positions besides a developmental passer.

David:Both of those positions have to be considered needs at this point – but I wonder how big of a need. Darren McFadden has another year on his contract, so that's encouraging. The depth behind Dez and maybe Cole Beasley isn't inspiring, but I still wouldn't list receiver at the top of the list of needs. Given the uncertainty surrounding Sean Lee and Rolando McClain, linebacker sounds like a big need. On top of that, Mo Claiborne is in a contract year and Scandrick is coming off an ACL tear. I think linebacker and corner might be the two most glaring issues on the roster.


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