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Mailbag: Missing Out On Paxton Lynch? Why Did Dallas Draft Two RBs?

Is it just me, or was not getting Paxton Lynch a good thing? I feel Dallas really needed their picks to help bolster their roster, and by not giving away those pics for Lynch, Dallas picked up potentially some quality help.

Bryan:I had Paxton Lynch as my seventh-best player in my Top 50 – so going after him made complete sense. You mentioned not giving away picks and potentially adding quality help – did you do that with Jaylon Smith? That to me was more of a risk than trying to go after the quarterback. If Smith does play one day, you likely stole one. But if he doesn't – he becomes another footnote to the history of second round selections that have failed here in recent drafts.  

David: Sorry if this is a cop out, but we're just not going to know the real answer to this question for two or three years. I am absolutely fascinated by the Cowboys' efforts to trade in this draft. They tried to use pick No. 34 to get Paxton Lynch, but instead they wound up with Jaylon Smith. What if Lynch develops into an All-Pro and Smith never plays? What if Smith becomes the game's best linebacker and Lynch is a bust? However it plays out, people will look back to this draft and wonder "What if?" for a long time to come.

Why did we draft another running back in the sixth round? It seems like with Dunbar hopefully returning, two vets in Morris and McFadden, and the addition of Elliott, it is going to be awfully crowded in the backfield.

Bryan:In the sixth round you are betting on traits. Darius Jackson is 6-0, 220 with 4.3 speed. You are not going to use McFadden and Morris up in training camp and preseason games, so adding a running back that has talent for training camp is never a bad way to go.

David: There's no doubt it's a crowded room – and I have no problem with that. Think of Darius Jackson as a priority free agent. The Cowboys liked his traits, and they weren't sure they'd be able to convince him to sign here undrafted. At the very least, they'll have a talented guy to handle carries in the preseason. But if Jackson impresses, the Cowboys would probably love to get a productive player at a discount. It's also worth mentioning: if Dunbar's return from injury is delayed, the Cowboys could carry all four of the other running backs.


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