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Mailbag: More Confidence In Prescott Moving Forward? Run Game Issues?


Going by everything you saw out of the game yesterday, and out of the play of Dak Prescott in particular, with all the circumstances and expectations being what they were, do you feel better about the chances of Dak being able to win some games and keep the team in it until Tony Romo is healthy enough to play than you felt going into the game?

Rob: Maybe some set the bar too high for Prescott after his statistically near-perfect preseason, but I thought he had an excellent game for his NFL debut. He put the offense in position for a potential game-winning field goal (albeit a long one) had Terrance Williams gotten out of bounds around the 46-yard line. They do need to find ways to get Dez Bryant more than five passes thrown his way, and they didn't stretch the field much vertically. A more productive running game would've helped in that area. But no turnovers, a couple near-touchdown throws – that's about all you can ask from a rookie in his debut.

David: I feel about the same, to be honest. I thought Dak played a good game, for the most part. It's obvious the Cowboys were being conservative, and they had a hard time putting together a downfield passing attack. They were also hamstring by their inability to run the ball. Stop me if I'm repeating myself, but it honestly looked a lot like the Brandon Weeden Era. You can win games that way, but it doesn't provide you with much room for error – as we all saw. Having said all of that, the Cowboys just went against a very talented Giants defense. I don't think any of their next three opponents will present quite the same type of challenge.


*So our O-Line did a good job in pass protection, but I never saw a run lane the whole game. Was our line bad, or is the Giants' D-Line really that good? *

Rob: Thought the line did a solid job of protecting Prescott, but no, there just wasn't much running room for Ezekiel Elliott aside from the big hole Zack Martin and Doug Free opened on Zeke's 8-yard touchdown run. Alfred Morris found some lanes in the second half, but overall, you have to give the Giants credit. They loaded the box at times, especially early in the game, but Damon Harrison – one of their three big offseason signings on defense – and the defensive tackles clogged the middle.

David: Combination of both? I don't care how stacked the Giants' front is, you should be able to create more room to run when you have three All-Pros and another first-round caliber player on your line. We saw they could do it – mainly when Alfred Morris was in the game, ironically enough. Maybe Dak Prescott wasn't able to create enough of a vertical threat to back the Giants off, but it honestly just looked like Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison and Co. just outplayed their Cowboys counterparts. Call it $100 million well-spent.

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