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Mailbag: More Opportunities For Vince Mayle? Redskins Talking Trash?

I thought Vince Mayle had a pretty strong performance on special teams against the Ravens. What is his role going forward as far as getting snaps at wide receiver?

Bryan: Continued special teams and point of attack blocker in their "13" personnel set when they don't use Joe Looney. 

David:I would love to see Mayle get some looks as a receiver, but I'm just not sure where he fits. Who are you taking off the field to give him snaps? I think it's more realistic that you'll continue to see him as a special teamer and an occasional blocker.

Just watched an interview from the Redskins rookie RB Robert Kelley, and he called the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowgirls. Do the Dallas Cowboys ever catch wind of that, and if so does it give a little extra motivation to contain that little punk?

Bryan: If this was 1973 - I am sure someone would say something from Dallas. With the way that information travels and how media savvy these players are - I don't believe it bothers Dallas one bit. Trash talking is now so much a part of our game so I wouldn't worry. 

David:First of all, nobody loves to deflect attention away from the opposition more than the Jason Garrett-led Dallas Cowboys. The mantra in this building has always been "focus on ourselves" and not what the opponent is saying or doing. On top of that, maybe go a little harder if you want to rile anyone up. That level of trash talk isn't even worth getting excited about.


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