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Mailbag: More Priority Placed On Cornerback? Interest In David Njoku?

In Marinelli's scheme the only players that don't seem to rotate are CBs. Even a star lineman might play 30-40 snaps vs. a CB that will play 60ish. Is that statement reasonable & if so, will a first round DB be more valuable than a first round DE in this scheme?

Bryan: He plays his corners in nickel and dime packages but you're correct -- there is not a big rotation of those players. I believe if he had the numbers you would see more of a rotation. If they add a couple in this draft things will change. 

David:I get your point, but a guy who can disrupt the passer is always going to be more valuable than a corner, in my opinion. That's why so many people still see pass rusher as a bigger need, despite the fact that the Cowboys are currently better equipped on the line than in the secondary. Personally, I think the decision will come down to whoever's got the better grade.

I understand the need for defensive help, but if David Njoku made it to No. 28, it would be so tempting. He has so much talent and the ceiling is so high on him, could you pass him up?

Bryan: I pass. There are defensive players that I like better grade-wise than him. I don't disagree about his ability but my stack tells me to take defensive players. 

David:Njoku is one of my favorite players in this draft, but I would pass on him for two reasons. Firstly, it's obvious that the defense currently needs more work than the offense. On top of that, I don't trust the Cowboys to use a pass-catching tight end with questionable blocking skills, given the style of offense they prefer to run. It would be a shame to see Njoku waste away in this offense the way Gavin Escobar did.

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