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Mailbag: Most Competitive Position On The Roster? Which Needs An Upgrade?

With a better rush and better cornerback play, what's the ceiling for Wilcox and Church?

Bryan: I believe they have found a role for Church by asking him to play closer to the line which allows him to be near the ball to make tackles in the running game but helps him in coverage where he doesn't have to deal with as much space play. Wilcox is really in the same boat as Church but if you gave me a choice of who plays that role better I would say it's Church. I have felt all along that this team could use a true free safety with range and I just don't see that from Church or Wilcox but that's not to say they can't play – so maybe this is where we see Byron Jones help out more in nickel situations where they need that true, single high guy.

Rob:As Bryan said, Church is a more of a classic box safety, so to me the question pertains mostly to Wilcox at free safety. I've always pointed to pass rush as more important in the "chicken or egg" debate with pass coverage. NFL DB's benefit greatly if the quarterback gets just a second less to throw. It's early, but you can watch Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory in these non-contact OTAs and already tell the talent has been significantly upgraded. That should help Wilcox on the back end. The question will be whether the team eventually adds Byron Jones into the mix at safety.

Which position on the team do you see as being the most competitive for the starting position, and which position do you think is still in need of a further upgrade before the season begins?

Bryan: My guess would be the left guard spot if the coaches allow Leary and Collins to compete for the job. I wouldn't be surprised to see Street give Williams a run for his job as well. I believe that Lucky Whitehead was signed to handle to return side of the game and he should get the first shot at that job but if he struggles then you are going to have to find a guy to fill that role. The team feels more comfortable with Weeden than a lot of fans do I am sure – so we will see.

Rob: I'll stick with the running back position as the most competitive and most unknown position. Joseph Randle isn't the only back who looks good out here in shorts and no pads. We've seen Darren McFadden get to the edge, Ryan Williams has shown good burst in team drills, and the Cowboys are adding motivation to all these backs by working out guys like Ben Tate and Felix Jones. Randle admits he's got to win the team's trust if he wants more responsibility. I don't think he's won the job this early, but the talent is clearly there.

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