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Mailbag: Most Concerning Position On The Roster? Offseason Message?

Which position has the most concern at this point going into the new season? For me it's the backup QB position.

Bryan: I like where you're going with the backup quarterback concern because I agree. So much of what the Cowboys do scheme-wise depends on the movement and deception of the quarterback. You just don't get that from Kellen Moore, at least the threat of the position. I worry about the offense bogging down without Prescott in the lineup and would rather have a guy that you don't have to change the scheme to move the ball. 

David:Honestly, the offensive line worries me a little bit. La'el Collins gave me a lot of confidence that he can handle the right tackle job during OTAs, but I still wonder about left guard. On top of that, I wonder about the depth behind the starters. This team's linebacker depth also isn't great – especially in light of Damien Wilson's arrest.

During this off time between the end of OTAs and the beginning of training camp, what do the coaches expect from the players?

Bryan: Spend time away from football both mentally and physically but when it's time to report on July 22 be ready to go. 

David:The message is typically that they need to get away and come back fresh – but not without being mindful of their conditioning, and being sure not to lose anything they gained during the spring. Ironically, one of Jason Garrett's big messages is always to behave intelligently and responsibly, which some of his players have obviously had trouble following.

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