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Mailbag: Most Disappointing Player At Camp? Preseason Reps For Starters?

I know it's early and the season hasn't started yet, but after all the OTAs, scrimmages, mini / training camp and the few preseason games so far... Which player was expected to have a breakout training camp, but has been disappointing so far?

Bryan: Jourdan Lewis...but it's hard to overcome the problems he's had with that hamstring. To be honest, all the young guys have missed practice time at some point during this camp which in itself is disappointing. 

David:Ryan Switzer and Jourdan Lewis both spring to mind. I'm not going to dog on either guy for being injured. That's not their fault, and there's still a long time for them to get healthy and get involved. But both guys generated a lot of intrigue during the spring, and neither has been able to show too much out here. That in itself is disappointing. Hopefully they'll have a chance to show their stuff in these final two weeks.

By now, most of the other teams in the league have played their starters for at least a series or two, some longer, with the exception of guys like Brady, Brees, and Rodgers. The Cowboys have yet to put the starting offense out there and they have already played two preseason games. Dak, for example, is a second-year player and despite everything he accomplished last year, reps are never a bad thing. And with the questions at RB, would it not be beneficial to have starters out there to see how it's going to mesh, what it might look like come Week 1?

Bryan: This team has practiced together for a month now and two months before that as well. Dak and the starters will get their opportunities in the next two weeks to work on what you're describing as meshing. If they're not panicking about the situation quite frankly you shouldn't either. The practices have been really good here. 

David:Dak sat against the Rams because Tyron Smith wasn't ready to go, and I think that's a preferable outcome to getting him hurt because of a backup tackle. The starters will have some opportunities here in these next two games. But honestly, I lean more toward having everyone healthy than worrying about chemistry.

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