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Mailbag: Most Interesting Undrafted Prospects? Why No Help At Safety?



The Cowboys have had some success in the past with finding talent after the draft via undrafted free agents, do any names in this year's crop jump out to you?

Bryan: I really like Charvarius Ward, Kam Kelly, Tyree Robinson and DeQuinton Osbourne. Feel like some teams missed the boat on drafting these kids. All appear on tape to have the ability to help this club on the defensive side of the ball. 

David:Two names stand out to me: Northwestern safety Kyle Quiero and Missouri State receiver Malik Earl. Quiero is interesting because he's got a knack for making plays, with seven picks and seven tackles for loss over his final two seasons in college. He's also got impressive size, coming in at 6-2, 215. I'll admit, Earl intrigues me simply because the front office liked him enough to bring him on a pre-draft visit. If they did that, I can only assume they're optimistic about his ability.



With proven veteran safeties still out there on the market, such as Kenny Vaccaro, Tre Boston, or Tyvon Branch, why isn't Dallas considering bringing in one of these guys on a team-friendly one-year deal to help out the back end of our defense?

Bryan: Because they're looking for a true free safety and none of those players do that for them. 

David:The Cowboys' decision makers don't think any of those guys fit their scheme properly. I'm curious to see if that attitude changes in the weeks leading up to training camp. Because, even if Xavier Woods is a future star at the position, it seems like a smart idea to give him some competition.

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