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Mailbag: Moving Dez To Punt Returner For The Playoffs? Cooper's Future?

Being that every game now is win or you're done. Do you see the coaches using Dez as a punt returner, knowing his ability to make plays with the ball in his hands?

Bryan: We talked about that on "The Break" yesterday, and I have no problem with that. If it means grabbing field position I think they should consider it.

David:I've long been a proponent of Dez Bryant returning punts. Put the ball in your best playmaker's hands. But I honestly can't see Jason Garrett going for it. Garrett's entire ethos is approaching every day the same -- not making changes for the sake of it. I'd be surprised if he made a change that big simply because he's in the playoffs. But he should consider it.

What exactly is Jonathan Cooper's role for this Dallas offense? Is he just an insurance policy or could he come back next year as backup since Leary will possibly be leaving?  Can Dallas get a supplemental draft choice if he leaves after this year?

Bryan: His role will be that of a backup. Doubt he will be active this week. Could see him sign for next season if he liked it here, but that's all down the road.

David:This basically looks like an audition. Get Cooper in the room, see what he can do and see if you can coax any of that first-round talent out of him. How amazing would it be if the Cowboys helped him realize his potential, and they suddenly had an insurance policy in place if Leary does in fact depart? It's too soon to say if it'll work out. Just look at this as a low-risk, high-reward job audition.

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