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Mailbag: Need For Upgrade At WR? Ignoring Positions Of Depth?

Although, Terrance Williams had a career game in the final week of the season, it doesn't appear that it has had any effect on the perceived need to upgrade the position.  Is it more a question of Williams' consistency rather than his ability in light of the fact that his potential has been highly touted since he came to the team?

Bryan: I am going to take the approach that Williams' game against the Redskins will be one of those moments where we look back and say that was a turning point for him. His routes were outstanding, he worked hard every snap and he attacked the football. I thought he did a much better job of handling the situation with Dez Bryant being out than he did earlier in the season. As much as I would like to see this club add Laquon Treadwell, Michael Thomas or Will Fuller I am willing to bet that we see a different Terrance Williams next season.

David:I think it's absolutely fair to point toward consistency – go look at his game logs. Only a few times in his career has Terrance Williams put together two or three good games in a row. He has also completely disappeared for long stretches in each of the past two seasons. Obviously he's got the excuse of bad quarterback play this past year. But for me, the bottom line is that he's been a good player – but not so good that he can't be upgraded.


I might be asking the obvious but, I'll ask anyway. Does the policy of drafting the best player available come with an unspoken caveat of 'unless we don't need him'? There's too much talent in the first three, maybe four, rounds (and too many needs) to be adding players that would only be adding depth (e.g. OL).

Bryan: My old boss in Green Bay, Ron Wolf use to say if you think you are set at a position go ahead and add another player to the group. You owe it to yourself to set your board up in a way to take the best player in every round. Where you get in trouble is if you window dress your board. As you draft there are two things you are trying to accomplish – get the best player and eliminate your mistakes. When you start to jump players on your board even one time – you are setting yourself up for failures down the road. Put players where you are comfortable taking them regardless of the position.  

David:I think in some extreme circumstances, you might see that strategy come into play – but not for the most part. Injuries define the way this league plays out – as Cowboys fans are no doubt aware after 2015. Depth shouldn't stop you from addressing a position if you truly think that's your best play. If a guy as talented as Laremy Tunsil falls to Dallas at No. 4, they'd have to be crazy not to consider him – even if he does play a position of strength.

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