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Mailbag: NFL-Ready Or Ceiling More Important For A QB? Byron At Safety?


You're sitting at fourth overall on the clock and the best players on your board are quarterbacks. Are you taking the guy more NFL ready or the guy with the possible higher ceiling?

Nick: I haven't changed my stance on this and probably won't. I just feel like you'll get better value by taking another position at No. 4. Sure there can be busts with any spot. The Cowboys haven't gotten anywhere close to the production they had hoped when picking Morris Claiborne sixth. But I do believe Tony Romo is the guy for a couple of more years and that being said, I think you can get a good quarterback in the second or third round and they can hold a clipboard until it's time. Meanwhile, you've probably got a plug-and-play player at No. 4.

Rob: A pure hypothetical, of course, and it brings up an interesting question: what would be more valuable to the Cowboys in that scenario – a rookie with more potential because you have the luxury of Tony Romo back healthy for 2016 and beyond, or rookie who's more equipped to win games if ever needed to step in for Romo? If you draft a quarterback to this roster, ultimately you're grooming him for down the line, not now, regardless of Romo's injury history. So I think you'd have to go with the guy you think has a higher ceiling.


After a good rookie year for Byron Jones, do you see him staying as a cornerback, or do you see Dallas utilizing him at one of the two safety positions? If safety is his role, whose spot will he take, Church or Wilcox?

Nick:I do think safety is his role. In that scenario, he replaces Wilcox, who just hasn't developed into the player the Cowboys were hoping for. To me, Jones is a better safety but it's hard to tell because he was moving back and forth throughout the season. Whatever role they have for Jones, I hope, and I bet he hopes as well, the Cowboys let him know this offseason and he can focus on that. It's not a bad problem to have when you've got so much versatility but at some point, he needs to be locked into a spot.

Rob: Well, Jones had already replaced J.J. Wilcox as the free safety during the season before injuries at cornerback moved him there. I think his instincts and range and frame make him a really good fit at free safety because it's hard to find players at that position who can be physical and tackle but also have the cover skills. Moving Jones to safety full time would create depth questions at cornerback with Morris Claiborne's contract expiring. The team will get a boost with Orlando Scandrick returning from the knee injury he suffered in training camp.

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