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Mailbag: Not Scoring In The Fourth Quarter? Mark Nzeocha's Progress?

Dallas seems to be scoring most of their points in the first half and tapering to nearly nothing by the fourth quarter. Do you see this as a symptom more of the play calling or another factor?

Bryan: That's a great question. I think it really has to with the flow of the game. Big plays they've made have come in key first downs to extend drives in the fourth quarter. Have a feeling they're going to need some 4th quarter scoring in order to win in Green Bay. 

David:I think most of this stems from the Cincinnati game, when the Cowboys didn't score in the final 26 minutes of the game. But they are only averaging five points per fourth quarter this season – which isn't great. If there's one thing that gives me confidence, it's that they've been able to drive down and score in the fourth quarter when they need to – like they did against Washington and San Francisco. They just can't let their foot off the gas like they did against the Bengals.

In preseason we got a good dosage of Mark Nzeocha, and he looks like a good player when healthy. When most likely will he reach the field and do you think he could provide adequate production for the defense in the middle?

Bryan: Nzeocha got some work last week but mainly on special teams. It appears that they are going with Hitchens and Durant as their guys. If something were to happen to one of them I believe we could see them use him in that role. 

David:If he had finished the preseason fully healthy, I might have given Nzeocha a chance to crack the starting lineup. But after missing a month due to injury, I have a hard time believing he's going to unseat Justin Durant and Anthony Hitchens in front of him. It's far more likely he'll contribute on specials teams while waiting for an opportunity. 


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