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Mailbag: O-Line Possibilities With Jason Peters?


Once Jason Peters is ready to play, what do guys think will happen to the offensive line positions? I'm curious if maybe it will be Peters, Tyler Smith, Tyler Biadasz, Zack Martin, Terence Steele. Or can you see another lineup? — MICHAEL M / PORT LAVACA, TX

Patrik: This could get very interesting, very fast for the Cowboys. I'm on record as saying I would absolutely not move Tyler Smith back inside after seeing his trajectory at left tackle, and the injury to Connor McGovern changes my stance on possibly playing Jason Peters at left guard (I'm now for it). I believe that gives you a scenario of Smith-Peters-Biadasz-Martin-Steele which, to me, is also your best five. The only downside to that is things happen faster on the inside, however, which is why I also wouldn't be surprised if the team decided to drop Peters in at LT but, no matter how you look at it, these two scenarios are the only ones I see them considering (Steele played well in Week 2).

Rob: I'm torn on this because as Patrik said, I like the idea of Tyler Smith and Peters playing together on the left side at some point. The question is, who plays where? All along I've thought, well, maybe Smith moves back to guard. But he has shown a lot of potential at left tackle and he is the future at the position, so why would the Cowboys stop his progress there? I guess it would depend on Peters' ability to perhaps play inside and compete with Connor McGovern (once he's healthy) for that spot. Peters played a little right guard for Philly in 2020, but he's primarily been a left tackle for close to 20 years. That's why I would lean that way. But we'll see what happens.

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