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Mailbag: Offensive Line Better With Leary? Gregory Living Up To The Hype?

Did the Cowboys give up on Ronald Leary? It seemed like when healthy the unit was better as a whole.

Bryan: They didn't give up on Leary. He was not playing at a high level due to his injury and La'el Collins was able to step in and take the job. I will say that Leary has been splitting snaps with Collins these previous two weeks just in case they need him in these final four weeks.

David:"Give up" just doesn't seem like the right word. It's hard to hold a starting position in the NFL, and Leary had a first-round talent pushing for playing time behind him. I'm honestly not even sure how you evaluate the line when Leary was healthy. He got hurt in the season opener, and I'm not sure he was ever healthy until Collins replace him in the lineup.

Is Randy Gregory living up to all the hype from training camp? Doesn't look to me like he is.

Bryan: The hype, as you have called it, from training camp was justified. He should have been a factor in this season, but when he received that high ankle sprain against the Giants – all bets were off. His development technique-wise went out the window as well. He played better on tape against the Redskins and hopefully he is feeling better about his game and you will see that player that was able to show things while we were in Oxnard.

David:I predicted Gregory to contend for Defensive Rookie of the Year with seven or eight sacks, and he has yet to notch one. So clearly, it's fair to say he hasn't lived up to the hype. Like Bryan said, the ankle injury has something to do with it. I think it's also fair to say that, given Gregory's size, he's finding out how hard it is to go against NFL-caliber tackles every week. It sure seems like he's hit some kind of wall.


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